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Food for All Services

India is facing a big challenge to meet hunger, food wastage, food and nutritional securitiesamong people from marginalized communities, minorities, urban & rural poor, orphans, sex workers, tribal, homeless or Dalits.  This vulnerable group of population has equal right to food but malnutrition and food shortage is a deep concern. To promote equality, inclusion and freedom from hunger many hunger fighting initiatives have been launched by the government to achieve food security. Unfortunately these food provisions or free food services do not reach to these groups of people.

Why Food for All is a Necessity for Countries likeIndia?

Poverty, malnutrition and persistent hunger are one of the most pressing public health issues in India. For sustainable development, achieving stronger economic growth, to raise a productive workforce population; India needs to fight these chronic hunger issues. Though government has introduced many hunger fighting initiatives like Right to food campaign, Zero Hunger Programs, Eat Right India Movement etc. but incorporating these programs at the grass root level in an overpopulated country remains a challenge.

Acute distribution and many other problems (listed below) often deny large group of marginalized people to access the benefits of the government food programs.

  • State’s failure in purchasing fortified food for the food deprived population
  • Lack of information disclosure in public supply chain
  • Shortage of distribution channels
  • Exclusion in hands of duty bearerson basis of caste or community
  • Low distribution of food resources
  • Discrimination practiced by local government officers

What We Do to Make a Difference?

Our mission is to feed the vulnerable group of population by taking the hunger fighting initiatives and schemes of government to every doorstep. Team of Adhiri extends its food services to orphanages, elderly homes, government schools, evening schools and slums. Our self-designed programs of supplying healthy food to school childrenat state level has witnessed a major decrease in the drop-out rate and is inviting more admissions, which gradually helps the poor to break the vicious cycle of poverty.

Adhiri Dreamland Foundation is working hard to create a ripple effect in lives of these vulnerable groups of citizens.

  • Make the marginalized communities aware of their rights to access state food provisioning system
  • Provide information about the state distribution food channels
  • Offer a platform to seek help in case they face exclusion in hands of government officers
  • Supply food assistance to families in need
  • Spread word about the central or state government food programs launched for public distribution

How Others Can Support Our Cause?

To reduce hunger among underserved communities in India, team of Adhiri need more volunteers to help us collect surplus food donations, distribute food among the needy and provide the vulnerable groups the information about their rights to avail benefits under government food initiatives. At Adihri strongly believe it’s time to raise your helping hand andcome together to create more sustainable future for our next generation.

Education for All Services

Right to primary and secondary education in India is about free, compulsory and quality education to all children without any discrimination or exclusion. Unfortunately, there is a huge gap between policy and practice. Even though government has successfully operated schools in mostly every village of the country, yet there are some deeply rooted problems faced by underprivileged children. There are challenges like high drop-out rate, caste based segregation by teachers, gender discrimination, lack of books, exploitation in multiple facets, hunger, multilingual diversity etc.

Why Education for All Is a Necessity For Countries Like India

Nelson Mandela has rightly said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” For a developing country like India providing structural educational benefits to its exploding population is definitely a challenge. Children from vulnerable communities have equal right to access child-friendly and equitable environment to study.

The right distribution of educational schemes from the grass root level with the help of NGO’s like Adhiri can help the government in equipping underprivileged children to stand out with their capabilities. These children will create a deserving place for themselves in the society and make our country economically stronger.

What do We Do to Make a Difference?

Adhiri Dreamland Foundation’s purpose is to reform the education sector for children from marginalized communities in India. We help these children break their vicious cycle of poverty. Adhiri’s self-designed programs will aim to fill the education gap by establishing collaboration and mobilization of government’s flagship schemes like Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan to reach the maximum children from socially disadvantage background.

Through our educational programs we wish for noteworthy progress by  providing  assistance to such children in pursuing their schooling. Our volunteers will execute these comprehensive education programs.

How Others can Support Our Cause?

Our volunteer driven organization aims to overcome the stumbling blocks to achieve the goal of free quality education to all children irrespective of their tribe, caste or community.

We know this journey is slow but definitely worth the effort to uplift and invest our time & energy in future of these children. We welcome people from all walks of life to come together with us in organizing the programs launched by Adhiri. Our volunteers can help these vulnerable groups of children to access the educational benefits &reach to the local bodies to avail the welfare schemes introduced in their interest.

Health Care Synopsis

Adhiri Dreamland Foundation is established with a dream to transform the lives of minority sector of India. We work on grassroots projects with our local partners to provide critical aid facilities like health, education, and equality to marginalized communities such as Dalits, tribal, poor women & children, city dwellers, orphans, migrants and bonded workers.

BPL Sector Healthcare Condition in India

Poverty and social exclusion is acting as a major threat to the health of minorities and below the poverty line people in India. Health inequalities and worsened living conditions lead to many communicable and non-communicable diseases among these people. They are often denied access to health resources which are available for the privileged ones. These vulnerable groups live without basic healthcare facilities in their slums or street.

What we do?

Adhiri aims to support poor families by addressing health determinants and ensuring equitable access to social services. Our programs are designed in consideration with the welfare schemes of National Rural Healthcare System. Our objective is to strengthen the healthcare structure by improving, maintaining, and restoring health of these vulnerable citizens.

The team at Adhiri monitors and evaluates the practice of the holistic and integrated policies like National Healthcare Schemes launched by the Indian Government. Often these deprived households are not aware of these government sponsored schemes and their right to free access like hospitalization care, financial assistance, affordable medicines etc.

The minorities and marginalized groups are exposed to adverse living conditions which invite many diseases. Adhiri offers help to such people by creating awareness about the approachable government local bodies and the programs which will help these economically backward and rural individuals.

How we are making difference?

The team of Adhiri has a staunch belief that slowly we are bringing change & growth in lives of marginalized communities which encourages us to work harder each day. We have the right experience, knowledge and network to offer help to these people.

We are building an efficient collaboration between government and the poor citizens deprived of public welfare policies. We have launched a platform that provides easy, accurate and reliable information about the welfare schemes for these vulnerable groups and the local bodies which will assist them to avail these policies.

How people can join us in our movement?

We welcome volunteers to help us in designing, launching, assisting and spreading word about our programs and initiatives. Many government sponsored schemes are beyond the reach of those who need them the most. At the state and national level we are establishing a mission of transforming lives of the economically deficit citizens of our country. We invite volunteers to join our movement. Together we are trying to drive a change.

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