About us

Our Mission And Vision

About Us

Adhiri Dreamland Foundation is an Indian social development NGO which is established for transforming, lifting deprived poor Indians and equipping them with knowledge about their constitutional rights. The foundation was founded in the year 2022 by Mr. Gyan Shankar ParsadVarma and Mrs. ParomaVarma.

We are a dedicated small team of volunteers who wish to ensure that every individual’s equal dignity is recognized and respected. We promote rights of marginalized communities that include dalits, rural/urban poor, women, children and minorities. These groups face an acute lack of access ofresources, services, and institutions. We at Adhiri work in coordination with Indian government in contributing towards making local administrationdepartment’s citizen friendly for these groups.

Adhiri is a wing of its main organization Credence Education and Welfare Society formed in the state of Haryana in 2018. Primary goal of both these foundations are to contribute to a society which is “equal, humane and sustainable” for all sections of India.


At Adhiri we share challenges with government to break thisvicious- cycle of inequality. The mission of our foundation is to create opportunities for economically challenged minorities and prioritizing equality.

Our team consistently works on the aspirational programs of NITI Aayog, the public policy think tank of government where the focus is to reach out to socially deprived groups.

Our members’organizes programs to facilitate the development of fragile and severely excluded groups through imparting education, doing social work, research work and disseminates knowledge of NG’s contributions. Adhiri aims to reach out to the larger community to drive impact at scale.


We aspire to create a transformational positive impact in lives ofthe vulnerable people below the bread line who strive hard every day in our modern India to maintain their existence. We at Adhiri are rendering our helping hand to these minorities who are battling for their rights, often become a victim in hands of local bodies and endeavoring to lead dignified lives.

We commit ourselves to help underprivileged communities to improve their lives by achieving lasting victories over poverty. Our vision is to bring a sustainable change in their social-economic status by eradicatingdiscrimination they face in hands ofofficials in government institutions.

Adhirienvisionproviding humanitarian assistance and creating enabling environment for marginalizedcommunities where they can cherish equality, dignity and freedom.

Who we are

We are a grass root Indian NGO working hard to provide potential power to the poor, rural and underprivileged people to participate actively in development initiatives programs. We work rigorously to offer advice, know how, source help through our programs to empower marginalized communities.

  • Work towards a society based on equality and justice
  • Transforming lives of underprivileged communities by giving them insights to their rights
  • Provide Marginalized communities a life of dignity
  • Promoting community based approach to facilitate change
  • Building a country having social harmony free from communal bias

AdhiriDreamland Foundation and Credence Education and Welfare Society are working simultaneously in developing programs like digital education program, child and women development program, human resource development, food for all campaigns and many more.